New project with the X1-terrace tile

Wednesday 13 June 2018

Piet Veldhuizen from Veldhuizen Sierbestrating has applied the X1 tile in a recent project in Utrecht. We visited him during the installation and have asked him about his experience.

Piet stated clearly that the installation of this new system takes a bit of getting used to, but also admits that this is the case with all the new tiles that hit the market. Piet got hold of the installation method easily. He is saying that the installation of the X1 tile is much faster than comparable products on the market.

Besides that, the X1 tile is much lighter than comparable products, which is better for your back than heavier tiles. Furthermore, Piet is saying that he often has jobs were installing drainage is not easy, like in small corridors in cities or domestic areas. Because of the light weight you don’t need a lot of people when lifting and transporting the tiles. “I could grow old with this product” Piet adds with a laugh.

Piet also mentioned that the water buffering effect of the tile really is unique and he thinks that is a huge surplus. Piet said that will for sure use this system more often in the future.

Thank you very much for your comments Piet! Aside you can find some project pictures where Piet used the X1 tile.