TCKI test report

Saturday 2 June 2018

Independent, professional and efficient advice and research commenced by TCKI are an addes value for the X1 tile. The TCKI lab research and measurements are accurate and accredited (RvA, L 254). This allows for the X1 tile to have a maximum warranty if applied in the right way, measured by independent and accurate objectives.

The tile has had multiple tests in regard to cracking faults, thermo shock test and frost resistance. These results are all positive and where ISO norms apply, the X1 satisfies these norms.

Besides the tests mentioned above, the TCKI also tested the water intake. In the worst conditions the tile absorbs 65 litres of water per m2/min into the buffer zone. The buffer zone below the tile has a capacity of 24 litres of water per m2 and drains the water in the soil beneath the tile. The results of the X1 tile are therefore remarkable.